. . . . . In the year 2017, multiple technolagy corperations had risen, causing humanity to colonize to more planets, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Geobe .12-72-34, and many more planets, but one corperation, The Alpha Lance Corperation, had made a special enviromental device, that passed the technoligical age, but also causing Earth, to have catyclysmic geo changes, almost wiping out all of life on Earth.

    The Alpha Lance Corperation, had blamed one of its scientists: Yusuf Rankbang . Rankbang was furious, so furious, he quit the A.L.C, and had made is own make-shift buisnuiss, The Y Corperation, 3 years later, the employees in Y Corp. tripled, in the thousands. Making the ALC furious, they tried to sue them. They had failed. Causing the Y Corp. to strike back, sending lawsuits. Thus, causing the ALC, and Y Corp. to engage into a political war. It had became so rough, that the Y Corp, sent in 3 agents to kill the ALC's top scientists. The agents had succeded, those 3 agents were: Eddward Duncan Gould, Thomas James Ridgewell, and Mathew Joseph Hargreaves, but they had been kidnapped. Causing the Y Corp., to fight back against the ALC, making their own army: The United Continental Army, or, UCA. The ALC had made their army: The Darkness.

       The UCA, and, The Darkness had engaged in a massive war, that society had called, World War 3. The ALC was winning, Y corp. was desprate. In 2033, the Y Corp. had no other choice, but to go back, and get Edd, Tom, and Matt from 2013. 3 young men, with little military training. If they fail, all of Earth, will be lost to the ALC.

HEEEEEEEEY EDDHEADS!!! I'm gonna write the story, soon. Send it to Tomska. BADDA BIG, BADDA BOOM, ya got an awesome Eddsworld episode. This is just the summary. Ok? OK!