Holly is the Eddsworld version of Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD.
Rq holly by get off the sexiness-d87yj2y


Holly is somewhat girly but has a super obsession with anything to do with the supernatural.Holly is sensetive and hates giant crowds.Sometimes she can act crazy,random and silly,she has a temper if anybody makes fun of her and has a mixed relationship about the main four.


  • Aly - Holly and Aly are close friends she basically tells Aly anything.
  • Edd - Her and Edd are really great friends and he is probably Holly's best friend (after Aly).
  • Tom - Holly and Tom throw pointless banter at each other and get along quite well.
  • Matt - Holly fancies Matt,but she knows that it will never ever happen because all that he loves is his mirror reflection.
  • Tord - Holly is seceretly freaked out by Tord because of him using guns,ect. she normally keeps quiet around him.
  • Laurel - Holly and Laurel used to be best friends but Laurel and Holly drifted away from each other from unknown reasons.


  • Eduardo,Jon and Mark - Because of her relationship with the others,they hate her too.


  • Holly was drawn by Ami670.