"Yup, I got my bros,Ted and Ned and Ced and my kid brother Neff!"-Fred,talking about his family.

Fred is Tord's replacement and for a short while is kicked out because of his brothers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is seen wearing his signature jet black sweater with white skinny jeans and black sneakers. His shirt under the sweater is a white shirt saying "It's a Trap!" on it. He has dirty blonde/light brown hair and looks a lot like Edd. He has black eyes.

Bacon AddictionEdit

He has a huge addiction to bacon,and sometimes even eats bacon dog treats.

List Of DeathsEdit

  1. Being Turned Into A Zombeh.
  2. Being shot by Tord.
  3. Being Run-Over By Tom.
  4. Falling From Sleep Walking.
  5. Being Stabbed by Tom.
  6. Crashing by Being Drunk with Ted.