Image Name Vocied By First Apperance Age Religion
N/A Edd Edd Could Edd Again 21 Possibly Protestant
Edward "Edd" Gould is the lead character, as well as the creator and animator, of Eddsworld. He has dark brown hair and wears a green hooded sweatshirt (when indoors he wears a white t-shirt marked "Smeg Head"), along with the rest of the cast (All different colors).
N/A Tom Alex Labbe (retired), Tom Ridgewell When the Best of the Worst Collide 21 Jehovah's Witness
Thomas "Tom" Ridgewell is a character in Eddsworld. Inspired and voiced by Tom Ridgewell (Although voiced by in earlier episodes by Alex Labbe, who also voiced Tord in early episodes but quit because he didn't like the sound of his own voice), Tom's character is known for having a blue hooded sweatshirt, no eyes (as seen in the episode Spares), large spiky hair
N/A Matt Matt Hargreaves Edd Again 21 Possibly Protestant
Matthew "Matt" Hargreaves is a character in Eddsworld, usually recognized by his ginger-like orange hair, square chin, purple hooded sweatshirt (formally black, until he received the purple one as a Christmas present at the end of Zanta Claws) and green vest overcoat. Matt's first appearance was in Edd Again (the earliest video avalible to watch on the site), but didn't have a speaking role until Punch'd.
N/A Tord Alex Labbe (retired), Tord Larsson (retired) Eddsworld Christmas '04 21 Possibly Protestant

Tord Larsson was a character in Eddsworld from 2005 to 2008. Voiced by his real life counterpart of which the character was inspired by (Apart from in Eddsworld Christmas special 2004 and the majority of Eddsworld Zombeh Attack where he was voiced by Alex Labbe), Tord is known for having a red hooded sweatshirt and being generally trigger happy, a quality that would appear on several occasions in the Eddisode Spares.

Diwi Diwi  ??? Movie Makers 21 Protestant
Diwi is a jerk who thinks he is awesome, the gang has used him to replace Tord and everybody loves him. He also dies a lot.
Vera Vera  ??? Vera, My Darling 20 Protestant
Vera is Edd's girlfriend.