Angel Callie Fairywinkle-Magnifico
"Sparkle, Sparkle!"
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Angel Callie (Isabelle) Fairywinkle-Magnifico is the Daughter of Blonda Fairywinkle and Juandissimo Magnifico. Her favorite color is light baby blue. She is also voiced by Tara Strong, Who also plays the voice of other babies.


Her aunt is known as Wanda Fairywinkle. She appreantly is a star like her mother. She loves dressing up , coloring, being fought over by the boys at school, watching TV, and of course, being Popular! She has also competed in "The Baby-Limpics" so she could get her very first wand so she didn't have to use her rattle anymore. Apparently she is a super model and super star, just like her mother, Blonda. She also has a secret crush on Pentrenellistheniso.


Angel Callie (Isabelle) Fairywinkle-Magnifico's birthday is March 30th, 2033. Her birth was not like other Fairy babies' are. Her mother Blonda gave birth to her instead of Juandissimo. Juandissimo explained to Timmy that Male Fairies can only give birth once, So when the second child comes, The Female Fairy gives birth (The same thing happed to Anti-Blonda, Who had given birth to Anti-Angel weeks after Angel's arrival).She was the result of a broken condom.



  • Junior ("Brother and Sister Love")



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And much more!
File:Angel's first wand.png


  • Don't be a Baby! (Angel does not appear in this episode but she is mentioned by Poof)

Debut AppearancesEdit

Playdate of Death (Debut)

Spellementary School 3 (Debut)

Angel VS Angelica (Half Debut)

FlowerBloom's Royal Party (Cameo, Mentioning, Small Speaking Line)

Mommy Dearest (Half Debut)

EL Poof-Poof (Is seen helping Poof and has only 4 speaking lines)

Angel's Birthday Part 1 (Full Debut)

Angel's Birthday Part 2 (Full Debut)

Angel's Playdate (Full Debut)

Love Potion (Or Not!) (Half Full Debut)

And Much, Much More!


Angel's original name was "Angie", But was inaudible, and later renamed. Her Origin so far is unknown, So there is not much to say about her.

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First Appearence

Angel The Baby (Fairly Odd Baby 6)


For her original song click here! For her secondary song, click here!


Physical PowersEdit

  • When she cries, Good Things happen (And bad things happen)
  • When she giggles/laughs, Bad Things happen (And good things happen)
  • When she burps, Thunder happens (And sometimes lightning)
  • When she breaks wind, Time restores completely


  • Angel: Stop Smushing The book with your butt! ...Oh the HORROR!
  • Poof: Poof Poof! (Fine, I'm not smushing the book with my butt anymore. You happy?)
  • Angel: YAY the book is SAVED!
  • Flowerbloom (grown up'): She's EVIL!
  • Angel (Queen Chryslis): What no! (cries)
  • Flowerbloom (grown up): Yeah, RUN AWAY See if i care!
  • Flowerbloom (grown up): *breaks rock, sees the REAL Angel*
  • Angel (grown up): No, Wait! That is impossible!
  • Angel:*waves both wand and rattle* Sparkle Sparkle! (Now I can beat my enemies whenever I want with this wand!)
  • Angel: (at Fairy Mall) Mommy, Can we buy that and that and that?
  • Blonda: This little kid wants to buy everything!
  • Angel: Ok this doesn't make any sense . . .
  • Flyshy: Todd!
  • Angel: Ugh, who is Todd? is Todd in danger?
  • Flyshy: Help!
  • Angel: He even knows if your asleep.
  • Flyshy: (gasp) What?
  • Angel: Yeah, he delivers presents under trees, he knows everything about everybody and he is coming to town!
  • Flyshy: (runs away) (whimpers)
  • Blonda: Yeah.
  • Flyshy and Sparkleworks (grown up): (Dully) You're not going anywhere
  • Angel (grown up): Uses flower as bait
  • Flyshy and Sparkleworks (grown up): I WANT IT!
  • I probably shouldn't go with Flyshy, she can't sing