New eddsworld aly
Vital statistics
Title Aly
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction n/a
Health Good
Level n/a
Status Alive
Location Dirdum Lane
 Aly is the Eddsworld version of User:Aly Parris herself.

Physical appearanceEdit

Color: Dark brown

Skin Color: Caucasian/Hispanic

Eyes: Dark brown

Hairstyle: Down, long, a little curly

Attire: Grey hoodie w/ black draw strings, black pants, black shoes


Aly is a really big tomboy. She really isn't afraid of doing boyish things, like playing in mud or holding bugs and etc. Aly has a hard time admitting how she feels, especially if it's someone she likes. She can be a really sarcastic person. She's basically a person that can handle a lot of sex related jokes. However, she's not exactly that good to come up with a great comeback. As said above, Aly is like the dare devil and is never girly, although she likes the color pink, but as long as it blends in with black.



  • Edd
  • Matt
  • Tord
  • Tom
  • Paul
  • Patryk
  • Future Aly


  • Eduardo
  • Jon
  • Mark



It's one sided though because she likes him.


Aly is a fast runner, and can keep on going. She is able to use guns, much like Tord, but she isn't as good at using them like him. A really good skill of her's is riding a motor cycle. Ever since she was thirteen or so, she received a motor cycle from her dad.


She is prone to a zombeh bite.